Lilja Hastie was born and raised in Tshwane. She started her career in graphic design but soon discovered her passion for Jewellery and enrolled in the Jewellery design and manufacture programme at Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa. Whilst in her second year in university when she won the highest accolade in the 2015 De Beers Shining Light design competition.

In 2016 Lilja was the runner up in the Jewellex competition hosted by the Jewellery Council of South Africa.

After graduating with a B.Tech Degree, cum laude, she was able to redeem her prize from the De Beers competition and took up a scholarship to a Masters in Accessories Design at the prestigious Poli.Design Institute in Milan, Italy.



After gaining valuable work experience, both local and abroad, Lilja embarks on the exciting new journey of launching her own jewellery brand called Lilja Hastie Jewellery.

In 2021 Lilja joined as a judge for the 2020/2021 edition of the De Beers Shining Light Awards young designers jewellery competition. Simultaneously in launching her brand, Lilja has formed part of a De Beers affiliated project called Tirisano Mmogo, which is a Setswana word for Working Together. This project aims to give a platform for past Shining Light Award Alumni to gain access and to a wider audience, connect with industry partnerships and catapult the venture of entrepreneurship.


Lilja Hastie Jewellery is a premium fine jewellery brand, manufacturing pieces with precious metals set with diamonds, as well as silver and semi-precious gems. The brand holds story telling at the core of every design. These stories are told through design elements that capture visual motifs that convey a message. This is executed using symbolism that comments on life circumstances or the designer’s interpretation thereof. Lilja Hastie designs are fashionable, playful, and cosmopolitan and are the perfect emblem for women who feel that they resonate with the piece’s story.